Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boettcher Bond Redux - Here's an Idea

The Mayor is now proposing to use some of the authorized but unused Better Denver Bonding capacity. Some $57 Million in bonds remain un-issued and used. They were authorized by questions 1G and 1H and the funds were to be used for deferred maintenance or new construction on cultural facilities. Partly because of issues related to the failure to raise private funds for the renovation of Boettcher Concert Hall, the some of the bonds were never issued. The Mayor has formed a committee to solicit proposals for projects, to evaluate those projects and make recommendations to the Mayor.

I don't know which entities may have responded to the committee's RFP (though I did hear that the National Western did respond) but regardless, I have a suggestion for what can and should be done with some of the funds: Do necessary maintenance and put a cover on the pedestrian bridge going from the Convention Center parking garage to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Complex. Some kind of cover or roof, should have been included when the bridge was first built but wasn't.

This cover should be considered preventative maintenance which should qualify. As you can see in the photo, there are real maintenance issues, including the rust you see along the base of bridge rail. Preventative maintenance.

In inclement weather, snow or rain, the bridge is decidedly pedestrian-unfriendly. The bridge and steps can become icy and pose a serious liability to the city in the event someone falls and is injured. Moreover, the bridge being exposed to the elements increases the maintenance cost including snow-removal and deicing each time it storms.

Investing in some kind of cover for the bridge would also encourage greater use of the Convention Center parking garage, as it is extremely convenient to the Arts Complex. This would not only be consumer-friendly but would increase badly needed revenue to the City.

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