Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creatures of Habit

When in London we fall into familiar patterns. Yesterday was shopping at Molton Brown, a late lunch at the Brown and then Theatre. A typical day for us.

The one change is that the Molton Brown store we always visit is no longer. Apparently they lost their lease. Sad. This was the original Molton Brown store: iconically in Molton Lane.

I don't always have the same thing at the Brown, but do go back to many of the same dishes time after time. Yesterday was no exception. A glass of Jameson's Whiskey (to ward off the cold) and the steak and Guinness pie. Also different this time, the service was very poor, not the standard we are used to.

The play we saw, Three Days in May was grand. More about that later.


Friday, December 30, 2011


Had dinner at L'Autre in Shepherd's Market. We try to have dinner there each time we come to London. I am sure it is the only Polish-Mexican restaurant in London and may be the only one in the world (at least outside Poland).

The story is that the building was once owned by the Mexican Embassy (Shepherd's Market is in Mayfair the site of many embassys) and that any restaurant in the location must serve mexican food. When the restaurant owners wanted to serve Polish food, L'Autre, with its unique menu was the result.

I had Pheasant, sausage and meatballs in a wild mushroom sauce (started with pate and a shot of Bison Grass Vodka). Terry had the Wild Boar. All excellent as usual.

The wine list is extensive and very reasonable.

When you are in London, give a try.