Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another French Oscar in February?

Is it possible that for two years in a row a ‘French’ film could win a best picture Oscar?

Sort of.

France has selected The Intouchables as its entry for the Best Foreign Language Film for the 85th Academy Awards next February.

Last year’s Best Picture award went to The Artist, which was technically not a French film (and it competed in the Best Picture category not the Best Foreign Language category). However much of the creative team, including the Director, Michel Hazanavicius and the two lead actors, Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo, are French. So, one could say, that should The Intouchables win the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, that would be two in a row for France.

The Intouchables is released by the Weinstein Company, they also released The Artist. So far, The Intouchables has grossed $370 Million world-wide, making it the most successful French-language film in history.

The Intouchables is a terrific film that tells the true story of the friendship between a wealthy white man who is paralyzed from the neck down and his black, ex-con caregiver. This unlikely story is funny and warm and thankfully never gets maudlin. The two men appear to be as different as they can be: one is loud and crude and outrageous – speeding and when stopped cons the police and escapes punishment – the other is polished and enjoys classical music and the finer things in life but they share a bond.

The Intouchables is playing in Denver at The Chez Artiste, appropriate, no? See it if you haven’t already.

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