Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shepherd's market

Going to London for the Olympics? Visit Shepherds Market for shopping or something to eat. There are lots of restaurants with a wide-variety of food options. Most restaurants are small and the ethnic food choices are varied: French, Italian, Greek, typical British pubs with typical British pub fare, Sushi (London is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities after all) and some middle-eastern. Middle-eastern offerings are not surprising. Not only has Mayfair seen a large influx of middle-eastern residents (oil money likes the Mayfair neighborhood) but the area is the site of a number of embassies of middle-eastern countries I often stay in Mayfair when in London and always enjoy eating in Shepherd’s Market. One of my favorite restaurants is L’Autre, about which I have written in the past. The menu is Polish and Mexican but the name is French. The name means ‘uncommon’ and that it is. Even in today’s world of food fusion, that is somewhat unique
As I said most restaurants are small and some have common ownership. Three, the Old Express, The Market Brasserie and The Little Square share supplies. If one runs short of something you can see cooks or waiters running to one of the others for the item. All three are within 100ft of one another and it is not uncommon to see a waiter running for a fresh supply of Rocket or Espresso grounds. There is also some very nice shopping in the Market; small boutique style shops. There is also a terrific movie theatre, The Curzon, if you are interested. It is part of a chain that is similar to the Landmark theatres we have here. It is what we used to call an ‘art film’ house. Shepherds Market is just a few blocks from Hyde Park and is between Curzon Street and Piccadilly. The square was originally developed in 1735 by Edward Shepherd, hence the name.

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