Thursday, June 6, 2013

We need your imagination

Yesterday saw a very productive work session with those of us involved in developing Denver’s new cultural plan: Imagine Denver 2020. As is often the case, we sought answers to questions, which then prompted even more questions. The process entailed a lively and enlightening discussion. It was good.

What we are striving to do is develop the key elements of a plan that will guide Denver’s artistic, cultural and creative life and environment to the year 2020. Imagine Denver 2020 means imagine what this city could and should look like at the end of this decade and create the road map to get us there.

Part of this work has been posing questions to as wide a variety of people as possible. Not just artists or those involved in the arts and culture but the public at large. This is a diverse city and diverse voices must be heard as this plan is developed. I see the future through my own eyes, but I want and need to know what others see through their eyes; how do others of differing backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and cultural influences see Denver and its artistic, cultural and creative future; how do they see its present?

I also want to know how others - others who may not think of themselves as caring about or knowledgeable about ‘culture’ or even intimidated by the word – do see Denver’s artistic, cultural and creative present and future.

So, we are reaching out. We want to hear from you, all of you; Denver in all its diversity. We have had a great response to our online survey, and that can still be taken, however we have other means to hear your voices and communicate with you regarding this endeavor. Do you have a group we could come and speak with? Is there information we can share with you or your group? Are you just an individual who wants to know more and would like share your thoughts about this? Follow up with me here, or go to the website:

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