Thursday, June 6, 2013

Denver in 2020 - a Renaissance City

In thinking about my own vision for Denver’s cultural, artistic and creative future, I realized that what I ‘imagined’ was Denver as a renaissance city. Not renaissance in the sense of being reborn but renaissance in the sense of the elements that symbolized the Renaissance age: a diversity of creative endeavors in the arts, language, architecture, sciences and math.

Developments in these individual endeavors became synergistically interrelated. The invention of the Guttenberg Press, for instance furthered learning and progressive development in a wide variety of other fields. Some of the great artists of the times also pursued knowledge and development of mathematics and science.

When I think of Denver culturally, artistically and creatively in 2020, I think of Denver as a home to not only painters, musicians, writers, filmmakers, ballets, orchestras, theatres etc. but also of persons, organizations and companies creatively developing new technologies; new ways of thinking; ways to improve the human condition. I imagine Denver as a place where arts, culture and creativity positively stimulate every segment and enterprise in our city in all its diversity.

So as I seek to hear from our city in its diversity, I am also seeking to hear from app developers, video-game developers, the entrepreneurial community, creative thinkers in every endeavor.

I imagine Denver in 2020 as a true Renaissance City populated with Renaissance Men and Women.

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