Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rambling thoughts - Crist, Hamlisch, DiCaprio, 3D and the Oscars

Marvin Hamlisch and Judith Crist have passed away. Judith Crist at 90 lived a long and productive life. Hamlisch was only 68. He wrote wonderful melodies. One of the great musicals, A Chorus Line and one of my favorite films, The Way We Were, had wonderful musical accompaniment because of the wonderful melodies he wrote.

Judith Crist was one of perhaps two or three film critics to have a significant and long-lasting impact on film (Pauline Kael, another). I never met her, but she was a close friend of a friend of mine, Shirley Sealy. Shirley, early in her career wrote for the Denver Post (her father, Ira, was the head color photographer for the Post, as well). She moved to New York years ago where she still lives and writes. She has had an interesting life in her own right. I should write about her soon.

It would be interesting to think how Crist might have reacted to a 3D film version of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Obviously I have not seen this film (It has now been delayed for release from Christmas of this year until the summer of 2013) but I am having great difficulty imagining it. This great American novel has had numerous film and television treatments – some good, some less so but to think that somehow it can be improved with 3D glasses leaves me mystified. Do I really need to see Leonardo DiCaprio in 3D as Jay Gatsby?

Targeting an audience that 3D normally targets may be problematic if you can’t find a way to put more car chases, gun fights or other pyrotechnics in it.

Finally, the odyssey of the Oscar host continues. The Oscars, suffering from severe boredom syndrome, can’t seem to find the magic. Last year’s host shuffle continues. The Academy had floated the idea of Jimmy Fallon hosting the Oscars next year, but he has declined – flat out.

I guess we will all still watch the Oscars, but sometimes I wonder why.

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