Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Back

Back to my blog - so what took you so long? How many answers do you want? Never mind.

I'm also back to snorkeling.

Terry and I are on Kauai for a mini-vacation. Yesterday at Tunnels Beach near Hanalei I snorkeled for the first time in years. Good, but I am out of shape and out of practice. However, it is like riding a bicycle, it all does come back to you, so I did okay. There were some moderate swells so I did periodically get water in the snorkel.

Also, I didn't have reef shoes or fins so my feet took a beating on the rocks while in shallower water.

I did see some fish - a few, not many.

It had rained earlier in the day and there were still some clouds over the mountains.

As I looked south and west to Na Pali, late in the afternoon, it really did look like Bali Hai from the movie version of South Pacific.

After 4:30pm, the beach started emptying of snorkelers and sunbathers and the surfers and boogie board boys started arriving.

It was time for us to go as well.

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