Thursday, December 10, 2009

Her Name is Barbara

Her name is Barbara. And you may hear her soothing, reassuring voice if you need to call 911. Barbara is one of the dedicated people who answer the 911 lines at Denver's 911 Call Center. Her voice is the lifeline that connects people in need with the help they require.

She does it calmly, sympathetically, efficiently and professionally.

I had occasion today to watch and listen to Barbara at work and I was more than impressed. When she answers the line, she has no idea what to expect; it can be anything from a life-threatening emergency to something less serious, but she handles each with aplomb - never getting rattled - and giving each caller the respect and comfort their situation deserves. And she does all this while expeditiously acquiring and typing the pertinent information to ensure that the appropriate assistance is provided.

Dedicated professional, seems almost an understatement.

As a Denver resident, it made me proud but it also gave me great comfort that if I need 911, Barbara or someone like her will be my lifeline.

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