Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Steve and Denny: Happy Folk Redux

Fall, 1967. I was attending Southern Colorado State College as a Theatre Major and struggling folk singer. I met Steve. He too was a Theatre major and had just started at SCSC. He played guitar and sang. So naturally he and I and Rosemary Doran formed The Happy Folk (okay, dopey name). We played all the hot spots (okay, some were pretty marginal), but in the summer of 1968 we loaded – crammed - all our instruments and ourselves into Steve’s VW bug and headed for the big time in LA…….It was a memorable summer. Unfortunately it was partly memorable because that was also the summer that Bobby Kennedy died – in LA.

We drove to LA just after Bobby’s death. Our hopes for our future severely tempered by the significant loss of hope that Bobby’s murder engendered. I still grieve the loss and the unanswerable question, what might have been?

Forty years later, Steve and I are back in Denver. That folksinger thing didn’t quite work out, at least from a remunerative stand point but we still do some work together in other ways and on Steve’s 60th birthday (June 4) we will sing together again. Steve and Denny: Happy Folk Redux

Steve (now Steef, which means I think that I must now be Deef) has organized a bit of a concert featuring songs he has written, in contemplation of turning 60 and assessing life. The concert features family and friends (that’s where I come in).

The concert will be in Denver at the Bug Theatre on Navajo street in north Denver, Thursday, June 4 at 8pm.

I can’t wait.

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