Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday in San Francisco

Watching the sun come up on Coit Tower again this morning. We are on the 24th floor and have a great view of Telegraph Hill, Alcatraz, Angel Island and the rest of the bay. Another spectacular day in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we are leaving today. It has been a short but wonderful weekend. I miss this city very much.

In our wandering around, Terry and I looked at flats and houses. A lot of open houses, so it was easy to check them out – of course Terry loves doing this everywhere including our neighborhood in Denver – and we saw some that would work well for us. If we only had the money.

One we particularly liked, in Russian Hill, was a property originally owned by the photographer Imogen Cunningham. As such it had particular appeal to me. Wonderful garden patio, three floors and views of the Golden Gate and Marin Headlands. It would do quite nicely for us, though we discussed how we would remodel to make it really fit our needs. It was, however, $2 Million. Ah, well.

Dinner Saturday night was at the Hyde Street Seafood and Raw bar. One of our favorites here (there are actually a lot of favorites). Sunday night we had planned on Yabbies on Polk, but after a full day walking, shopping (another birthday present for Lila among other things) and a full lunch at Rose Pistola, we opted for Brandy Ho's: closer, simpler and hotter (Hunan).

Lunch/Brunch at Rose Pistola's in North Beach was great fun. 2 hours of people watching and food. I had egg pizza which I had never had before. Very good. I will probably make it at home sometime. I know it sounds odd, but it is really quite good. Oh, and did I mention that to pass the time people watching I had a Bloody Mary, followed by a bottle of Prosecco (we shared) and finished with 2 Grappa and Espressos. What a way to spend a Sunday.

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Sarah said...

Flat in San Francisco or house in Hawaii....or BOTH? Oh, dilemmas!

That is a REALLY cute pic of you two. :)