Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In London

Long overnight flight from Denver via Chicago. We are in London, ensconsced in a room at the London Hilton Park Lane.

Arriving at 6am, then car service to the hotel (arriving at 7:30am) in hopes of having a room ready. Not to be, though we were able to spend a couple of hours in the Executive Lounge having breakfast and waiting for our room to be prepared. Ready shortly after 9:00am. A shower, and a nap and we are ready to get out and about.

London at Christmas is London as it always is: the greatest city in the world. We love Paris, and San Francisco and Singapore, but London is just London. Our room has a great view of Green Park, St. James Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster and the London Eye..

Right now, we are sitting in the Exec. Lounge drinking wine and trying to decide what plays we want to try to see.

It is cold here (big surprise) but there still is no place like London. Tomorrow we will head to Leiscter Square and the Half Price Ticket Booth to see what is available. Looking forward to seeing some great theatre. Usually the serendipitous find is the most rewarding.

We will also do our traditional ride down the Thames to Greenwich to see where time starts, always appropriate at the New Year. We do this boat ride after having bought an eggnog Latte (yes I know Starbucks, but what the hell) and topping it off with some brandy. You simply don't mind the cold and the view along the river is great.

We may try to ride the London Eye again (the best view of central London you can get), but whatever we do, it will be great.

It is London, and Terry and I are together.

Cheers for the new year.

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