Monday, November 24, 2008

11 days and 25 movies later

The Starz Denver Film Festival is over. It was a great ride, with very few low-points (at least from my movie seat).

I have been trying to sort through my favorites, and as in years past, it is impossible.

There were so many.

On the last day, O'Horton was one that could make my top ten list for this year.

Also, earlier in the weekend, The Eternal City is one that I will reflect on for a long time. As a matter of fact, on the same day that I saw The Eternal City, I also saw Two Lovers. I liked Two Lovers very much. Wonderful performances. But frankly, I liked The Eternal City much more. It was made on a shoestring and did not have the big (and expensive) production values of Two Lovers. It did not have that 'slickness' that Two Lovers has. But in telling a story that engages, and deals with human emotions and the need for love, The Eternal City is superior. There is an honesty to it and an earnestness in the production, and the performances. I hate the trite 'labor of love' but that is what this film displays. There is a genuineness to the performance, the direction, everything. Wonderful story-telling with a reason for the telling coming through.

Lots of wonderful short films, and as I noted here earlier great documentaries.

Sunday night I saw Surveillance. The Jennifer Lynch film. Slickly produced, good performances, but somehow not satisfying. It is not just that the film is disturbing (it is), it is that I was trying to find the redeeming value in telling this dark tale. I couldn't find it.

So we wait now for next year.