Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday in the Park with Barack

On a beautiful autumn Sunday in Denver over 100,000 of Barack Obama's close personal friends gathered to hear him speak (all came to see him but the size of the crowd and the distance that many were from the stage only allowed them to hear).

I was one of them. What a great and exciting day.

I have been doing politics all my adult life and I have not experienced anything like this election since Kennedy in 1960. I remember the Kennedy campaign of 1960 but because I was in high school, the sense of excitement I felt then and now is difficult to equate; to compare in context with who I was, my age, etc.

There was certainly a high level of excitement, and a sense of a new generation taking the torch, a new era, change, a lot of what is happening now. What I don't know is how that would compare for me if I had been a mature adult at the time.

However, it doesn't matter. I am so excited about the prospects for the future. I am energized in a way, I have not been in a long time. I see what is happening and I want to believe. I have the desire to see a rebirth of the Camelot spirit. To see an entire country energized and motivated not just to elect a President but to participate in the rebirth of our country.

Just as the 1960 election was less about Jack Kennedy than it was the re-energizing of America and Americans; to reinstilling our values and can-do spirit (Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country). This election is less about Barack Obama than it is involving/including/energizing legions of Americans: A belief in them that, Yes We Can.

Former Mayor Pena was there yesterday, and I thought about his slogan as mayor: Imagine a great City. What I think Barack is about and what is energizing millions of Americans is: Imagine a great Country.

This from a person who supported and believes in Hilary Rodham Clinton. I started as a Hillary man, and I remain a Hilary man. But Barack is not only my choice for President now, he is my enthusiastic choice for President. I am a true believer.

Here is some video I shot at the rally. Just two clips and a bit shaky.

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